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Official Sun hosted Tang Tianyuan in the best restaurant in the county.

At the same time,County Deputy Zhou, Official Qi, and his son, Qi Rui, were also invited.

In addition, several girls were called from a brothel to accompany him.


Official Sun knew that the magistrate was a scholar and didn't like the normal vulgar prostitutes, so he had found some delicate and beautiful women.

It's a pity that no matter how beautiful they were, they were experienced in their arts, and could not hide their fawning courtesan disposition.

When they saw such a refined and handsome county magistrate, they were inevitably moved, and deliberately joked in slang words to make fun of him.


Tang Tianyuan understood only some of the words, but he knew it was not a clean conversation.

He has never liked to deal with prostitutes, and now he has to endure a few toasts for the sake of the current situation.

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Zhou Zhengdao felt that this little magistrate was quite able to pretend.


After three rounds of toasts and five rounds of food, Official Sun saw that the atmosphere was almost there, and asked how Qi Rui's preparations for this year's township exam were.


Official Qi replied, "The son is not talented.

It's already pretty good to pass the county level imperial exam .

People’s destinies are in Heaven’s hands.

Only Heaven knows if he is able to achieve scholarly honor."


Several people said that he was humble, and then started to compliment the magistrate, after all, he was the most learned among the people present.


Official Sun took the opportunity to be kind to Official Qi, and said to Tang Tianyuan, "Your excellency is a student of the ‘Son of Heaven’, young and promising.

If Young Master Qi can get some advice from your excellency, he may be able to rest easy this year's autumn test."


Tang Tianyuan was originally an exam tyrant.

Initially, he had scored first place from the capital’s triennial provincial imperial exam.

Later, he won the third place in the palace’s top grade imperial exam, not because of his level of knowledge, but mostly because his face was qualified to be a "Tanhua", so His Majesty the Emperor happily decided to do so. 


Tang Tianyuan originally didn't mind giving Qi Rui a couple of pointers, but when he saw the ‘Tang Tianyuan’s Inscription’ folding fan in Qi Rui's hand, he was no longer in the mood.

So he said a few mellifluous but impractical teachings.


Only then did Official Sun talk about the main topic, "Young Master Qi is very successful now, Official Qi only needs to wait and enjoy the happiness in the future!"


Official Qi hurriedly said, "Nono, children are all our debts."


Official Sun nodded, raised his sleeves and wiped the corners of his eyes, and choked up, "You’re right, I don't know how much I owe my unworthy son in my previous life, he had harmed my family like this in this life."

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The crowd quickly consoled him.


Tang Tianyuan looked at Official Qi and his son with cold eyes: their expressions were a little reluctant, and they didn't seem to be sincerely reconciling with the Sun Family.

He was even more certain that they were coerced by Official Sun.


"Do not fret Official Sun, your esteemed son’s case is not without a turnaround." Tang Tianyuan said.


This is what Official Sun was waiting for, and he quickly asked, "Really"


"This matter needs to be considered at length.

We can only drink and eat today and don't talk about business."


Official Sun naturally knew that this was not the time to talk business, but finally felt assured with the county magistrate’s words.


The atmosphere of the banquet relaxed again.

Everyone pushed their toasts for a change, and the conversation was lively.

A girl sitting next to Tang Tianyuan was drinking and her almond eyes were hazy.

One crisp hand pressed Tang Tianyuan's shoulder, and the other hand held a wine glass to his lips.


Tang Tianyuan wanted to overturn her to the ground.

Of course, he could only bear it.

He took the glass and put it on the table, turning his shoulders away from her hand.


The girl covered her heart and said coquettishly, "Your lord is so incomprehensible, do you despise this humble girl"


Outside the private room, Tan Lingyin gnashed her teeth in anger as she listened to the conversation inside.

She scratched her claws on the door.

Fortunately, her fingernails were not long, and didn't make too much noise.

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Tan Lingyin felt that she might have been deceived by the bastard magistrate inside.

No matter how she looked at it, the conversation looked like a prelude to misdeeds.

Her ears were pressed against the crack of the door, wanting to hear how Tang Tianyuan would hook up with these dusty women inside.

Unfortunately, he cherished his words like gold and didn't say a word, only the people around him made a commotion.


As Tan Lingyin listened, she suddenly felt that the light in front of her dimmed.

She felt it to be a little strange.

When she turned her head, she found that there was a tall man in front of her.


The man was also listening to the movement inside.

From her position, only his chin can be seen.


Tan Lingyin jumped away in shock, "You you you...

who are you"

"Shh—" The man put his index finger in front of his lips and made a quiet gesture.


Probably because the person had a chilling aura that caused her to revere in awe, so Tan Lingyin really closed her mouth and even her breathing became lighter.


The man turned his face to the door and suddenly raised his foot.




Tan Lingyin: "..." Why bother to tell her to shush


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