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Chapter 27: Black Panther

    Leaving the command room, Yang Yang couldn’t help shaking his reddened hand—how did this guy grew so big His muscles were as hard as iron.


*嫌棄 – disgust, aversion, dislike

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes, recalled the photo he just took, took the one with the family crest and posted it on Weibo.

    Soul Pierces Through Your Heart: Darling is really annoying, touching in front of so many people~ Arriving at Darling’s home today, happy! [Shy] [Picture]

    Since the first and second Weibo posts, Yang Yang has also gained 103 fans—of course, they all want to eat melons.

    As soon as Yang Yang’s Weibo was posted, someone responded immediately.

    ——OP, you didn’t take a selfie today Disappointed.

    ——OP is still abusing the family crest, continue to report, no need for thanks.

    ——Not to mention the family crest, but this console is from a private ship of the hxr148 type, OP is a local tyrant!

    ——Pooh! The duke wouldn’t touch people so obscenely, this person is delusional, bad review!

    Seeing this, Yang Yang smiled, “Obscene, precise words.”


    Always feels that when the Duke discoverers this account, the scene might be brutal.

    Yang Yang continued to read the comments, all still scolding him, but because he was misunderstood as a local tyrant, his number of fans doubled several times, and finally stopped at a more auspicious number 888*.

*the pronunciation of 888 (bā bā bā) is similar to another character 發發(fā fā fā)—-means getting rich.

Very auspicious indeed.

    Yang Yang was looking at the comments enthusiastically when Monta’s voice sounded in front of him, “Yang Yang, what are you doing”

    Yang Yang immediately closed the terminal and smiled, “Looking at the information about controlling soul power.”

    Monta didn’t doubt him, and said, “We will enter the landing procedure in an hour.

Because we have to shield from the soul cloud belt, the process will a bit long and bumpy.

You go to get the breakfast first, and when the time is up, find a place to sit, don’t fall.”

    Yang Yang nodded obediently “Okay.”

    However, Yang Yang underestimated the degree of turbulence, and because he hadn’t slept all night, he finally became airsick.

    Yang Yang didn’t know how he got off the starship.

In any case, when he recovered he was already in the car.

    Archibald sat next to Yang Yang, most likely because he saw Yang Yang’s pale face, Archibald did not yell at him and explained, “We’re going back to the garrison base.”

    Yang Yang had no strength to answer, nodded, and when he felt better, looked out the window again.

    Outside, they could see at glance traces of many abandoned cities.

Although most of them were covered with vegetation, you could see how they used to be prosperous in the past as well.

    These traces continued to appear on the outside of the garrison base, then they all disappeared, and everything became more organised.

    The cinnabar military base was divided into two parts, the outer circle was a military land, and the inner circle was the residential area.

    The buildings in the residential area were rich in colour and in various shapes.

It was a characteristic small town.

There were not many pedestrians on the street, but it was very lifelike.

    And on the edge of the small town, there was a huge lake behind a small forest.

A huge manor stood on the edge of the lake.

    The manor occupied a large area, but except for the area from the villa to the gate, which looked neat and beautiful, the rest of the place was completely deserted.

    Like a vampire castle.

    And as the car started to slow down and reduce the speed, Yang Yang guessed that this was Archibald’s home.

    The car stopped in front of the manor, and then slowly drove to the villa, where a man stood upright.

    The man had gray hair, but he looked middle-aged.

Dressed in a neat three-piece suit and white gloves, his hair was meticulously combed, and he had a gentle smile on his face.

    English gentleman and old housekeeper.

    Such a label immediately popped into Yang Yang’s mind.

    Aristocratic class indeed.

    After the car stopped, the man came over, and everyone got out of the car.

    “Amber.” Archibald greeted first, then turned to introduce Yang Yang, “This is Amber, my housekeeper, and the one who took care of me in childhood.”

    He rarely was so serious in front of Yang Yang.

Yang Yang understood the importance Archibald attached to Amber, so he became obedient, “Hello Amber.”

    Amber obviously knew Yang Yang’s existence, he bowed slightly to Yang Yang, and then stretched out his hand, “Hello, Little Madam.”

    Little Madam*

*Xiao Furen, meaning a wife of younger generation.

    Yang Yang was stunned by the title, but when he saw Amber extending his hand, he quickly stretched out his.

    Yang Yang thought they were going to shake hands, but as soon as he stretched out his hand, Amber stuffed something in his palm.

Yang Yang looked down and saw that it was a toffee.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Yang Yang raised his head dazed, but he saw that Amber had already walked towards Archibald again.

Archibald was obviously used to it and stretched out his hand automatically, then Amber smiled and put one toffee on his palm.

    One after another, as long as they got off the car, including He Shu and Gu Lita, each was handed a toffee.

    After giving out the toffee, Amber smiled and said, “Welcome back everyone, it’s been a tough trip.”

    Everyone except Yang Yang responded in unison, “We’re back.”

    Monta and a few guards were especially loud, sounding like a bell*.

*metaphor for human voice being loud

    Yang Yang was taken aback and looked around in surprise, only to see that everyone else was looking at him.

    Yang Yang “…”


    Yang Yang was stunned for two seconds, and then he understood, hesitated and said, “I, am back”

    Everyone else showed a “teachable*” smile, and Archibald tapped Yang Yang’s leg with his tail and praised: “Clever.”


child that can be taught

    It was quite light, but Yang Yang was very speechless.


    No, is your family running a kindergarten

    Amber smiled kindly and said, “Okay, let’s go in everyone.

I prepared refreshments already.

Mom went to the town to buy vegetables.

I will cook your favourite food for lunch.”

    Monta cheered and rushed first into the house and the guards went to the parking lot to stand guard.

    Yang Yang paused, put the candy in his pocket, and followed into the house.

    The villa was actually not that big, with a masonry structure, and after the entrance was a large living room.

The living room was decorated simply, with wooden floors and decorative gauze curtains hanging on the walls.

On the right was a huge open kitchen.

    Quite ordinary.

    Yang Yang thought that as soon as he came in, he would see crystal lamps on the fifth floor, an empty dance floor of more than 100 square meters, and so on.

    When Yang Yang went in, he found that Monta was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, holding a bag of nuts in his hand, while the other hand was playing games on the light screen.

    Yang Yang “…”

    I see, this is a frequent visitor.

    “Sit down everyone.”

    Amber brought out refreshments from the kitchen and put a cup of hot tea in front of everyone.

Only Yang Yang’s cup had small fruits floating in it, and the tea looked red, which was probably for health preservation… wait no, it should be an anti-miscarriage tea.

    Gu Lita took a sip of the tea with a happy face, “It’s been a long time since I drank the tea brewed by Amber, it’s delicious.”

    Yang Yang also took a sip, it was really good.

    Amber smiled and sat down to the side after he finished his work.

——Yang Yang could see that, rather than being a housekeeper, Amber was more like a family member of the Donton family.

    Archibald asked about the business, “What about aunt and the rest”

    Amber’s smile was still kind.

“I let them live in the town.”

    Monta applauded Amber.

“Awesome Amber, they should live outside—By the way, they said they brought Yang Yang’s dowry, what was in it”

    Amber shook his head, “I only know that they brought the promised mineral essence and some soul essence plant seeds.

I’m not sure if there was anything else.”

    “Heh, at most, added a little more money.” Gu Lita sneered, “Zhou Hua is confident that we will soften our hearts.”

    He Shu’s face was also ugly, they didn’t care about gifts, but it represented sincerity.

Looking at this now, Zhou Hua didn’t seem to have much sincerity.

    Although Yang Yang didn’t understand the value of that kind of seeds, but looking at the reactions of several people, it seems that it was not precious.

——It seems that the determination of the Dontons to tear their face with Zhou Hua has become firmer.

    Yang Yang struck while the iron was hot, “If we have a showdown with them tomorrow, we should warm up the Starnet now.

If we take the lead in public opinion, we won’t get bitten by Zhou Hua.”

     The showdown and tearing down faces was Archibald’s business but the warm-up was Yang Yang’s script.

So everyone looked at Yang Yang.

    Archibald “How”

    Yang Yang “I want to start with Mandela grass.

It’s hard to say publicly about the sample, and Zhou Niya’s case has not yet been judged, so it’s best to start with Mandela grass.”

    Yang Yang took Mandela grass at Zhou Hua’s house.

A patient who had just been discharged from the hospital, was pregnant, and had a female body, even if Zhou Hua whitewashed it with “unintentional mistake”, he would still be charged with “treating nephew harshly” on his back.

    Gu Lita’s eyes lit up and she smiled, “This is not bad.”

    Archibald frowned slightly, “You want me to announce this news”

    Yang Yang shook his head, “No, it’s you and Monta.

And it can’t be directly announced, only insinuated.”

    Archibald was not good at dealing with this kind of thing, but Monta immediately understood and began to get ready.

    Monta “I understand! It is to make things clear, but don’t say who it is, to point at the mulberry and curse the locust*!”

*指桑罵槐, metaphor, meaning doing one thing but saying another.

    Yang Yang nodded, “That’s right.

And the Duke only needs to say two words to show he’s angry.

That’s it.”

    Archibald brows loosened and he nodded, “Okay.

Where do you want to publish it”

    Yang Yang smiled suddenly, “I once saw a sentence on Starnet that if there are thousands of millions wives on Youtu Duke of Donton gets half of them.”

    Archibald “…”

    Monta “I also have 30 million wives.”

    Archibald looked over and said, “Shut up.”

    Monta “…”

    Archibald “The Youtu account is my official account, which only forwards news from the military.”

    Yang Yang “So this time the non-military news will definitely bring a huge amount of exposure.”

    Archibald “…”

    Can’t refute, he himself knew his popularity on Youtu.

    However, Archibald still had doubts, “Then how can you guarantee that with such exposure, Zhou Hua and the others won’t find out—”

    Halfway through the sentence, Archibald suddenly remembered something, and then he exhaled, he answered himself the question he had just asked, “Roth.”

    Yang Yang nodded, “Yes, I have Roth.

Roth can filter the information on Zhou Hua and Mu Shuyi’s terminals, so that they can’t detect the turmoil of Starnet.

It won’t give them time to deal with it.

    But to use Roth, there is a small problem that needs to be solved—Roth needs to be transferred to an external AI robot and equipped with sufficient energy.”

    Monta immediately clapped his hands “Then it’s simple, just ask Rong Hui for it, he doesn’t have anything else, just a lot of AI.”

    After saying that, Monta video called Rong Hui’s, and it was picked up quickly, but it was Ashburn that appeared.

    Monta was taken aback for a moment, “Eh Brother Ash* Why are you there”

*actually it’s the third character from the name Ashburn but saying older brother Burn sounds weird.

    Ashburn also saw the situation on their side, and said with a smile, “I just arrived too, I’m here to pick up Rong Hui, and I plan to come and gather together.

What, do you have something do it with Rong Hui”

    Monta nodded, “I want to ask him for an AI.” Ashburn smiled and said, “I don’t understand AI.

Wait a minute, Rong Hui will finish bathing soon.”

After a while, there was a sound of door opening from Ashburn’s side, but then the screen went black, and only the voice remained.

    Then they heard Ashburn’s helpless tone, “Why don’t you wear clothes”

    Then there was a somewhat gentle voice, but the tone of it was filled with confusion, “I forgot your clothes outside, who are you talking to”

    They heard a rustling sound, and then Ashburn said, “It’s Monta and Byrd, who want an AI from you.”

    Rong Hui replied, “Oh, that’s how it is.”

    After another two minutes, the screen lit up again.

Rong Hui appeared on the screen.

    Although Yang Yang has seen Rong Hui’s photos on Starnet, he couldn’t help but be amazed when he saw the real person— really good-looking!

    Unlike Yang Yang’s current appearance, which was more ambiguous and didn’t distinguish between genders, Rong Hui’s handsomeness was more bookish, elegant and picturesque.

——This was also the reason why Yang Yang stood at “DeHui c*” in the first place.

*same Hui character as Rong Hui’s name which should mean an internet CP or a side in a best looking pool thing I’m not sure.

    Rong Hui also saw Yang Yang at a glance, and he wondered, “Hey, who is that blind man”

    Yang Yang “…”

    Monta “Hahahahahaha!!”

    Archibald silently raised the corner of his mouth and glanced at Yang Yang.


    Ashburn showed a helpless expression, and then said to Rong Hui, “He is Yang Yang, and he lost control of a dislocated soul power, so he covers his eyes.

Also, he has Byrd’s cub in his belly.

If you want to find someone to do the tests in the future don’t look for him.

– I sent you an email about this, did you not read it again”

    Rong Hui laughed twice, then suddenly turned serious, and then looked surprised; “Byrd, you have a child!”

    Yang Yang “…”

    I see, this is probably the so-called natural behaviour of the legend.

    Archibald was obviously accustomed to it, he responded lightly, and then returned to the business, “Yang Yang wants an AI that is relatively sturdy and has a large energy storage capacity.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent it is, as long as it can access the Internet.”

    Rong Hui was really distracted, he thought about it, and then asked, “Is something like a mechanical pet okay It will only respond in a fixed pattern.”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang, and Yang Yang nodded, “Yes.”

    Rong Hui smiled and said, “Okay, wait a moment.”

    Rong Hui turned around and entered a room at the back, and came out again after a while, followed by an adult black panther.

    The black panther had a strong physique, and the muscles under the fur were visibly rising up and down as it was walking.

Its head is lowered, its golden eyes staring directly at the floating picture, and it met Yang Yang’s sight in the air.

    Yang Yang’s back was inexplicably cold, and he shrank back unconsciously.

    “How about this”

    Rong Hui came closer to the screen, bent over and lifted black panther by the scruff on its neck, and ran to the screen.

    The black panther lost the prestige of the predator in an instant, and its limbs curled up slightly, like a milk leopard bitten on the back of the neck by its parents, and looked at the light screen obediently.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Rong Hui continued to introduce, “This is the mechanical pet that Brother Ash bought for me.

Because it needs to simulate the temperature to dissipate heat, the energy storage capacity is very large.

I disassembled it and saw that the parts inside were all high-level, but the chip intelligence was low and couldn’t be upgraded.


    Brother Ash said to use it as a warm baby, but I think it would be too tasteless.

Yang Yang, do you want it”

*a sigh

    Yang Yang “…”

    Yang Yang glanced at Ashburn.

    Ashburn seemed to be used to it, and smiled, “Take it if you need it, and I’ll go and buy him an upgradeable one later.”

    It could be said that he was quite pampering.

    Yang Yang understood, this was Zhou Yu hitting Huang Gai*.

    Yang Yang no longer refused, and smiled, “Okay, thank you.”


*周瑜打黃蓋, meaning one is willing to give a beating, and one is willing to take a beating.

In other words, both sides are willing accomplices in the pursuit of frivolous entertainment.

It’s from a story that goes like this: Zhou Yu wanted Huang Gai, his subordinate, to pretend to defect to Cao Cao’s side so that Huang Gai could gain Cao Cao’s trust.

This allowed Huang Gai to set fire to Cao Cao’s fleet during the Battle of Red Cliffs, forcing Cao Cao to retreat.

Zhou Yu had Huang Gai flogged in front of Cao Cao’s spies so that they would not be suspicious.


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