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Chapter 52: Behave like a Hooligan

    Yang Yang was very curious about Bean Sprout and his hands didn’t leave him before lunch, he also figured out some characteristics of Bean Sprout.

    For example, it can’t speak, but the two leaves can draw; it eats soul power to survive and it can absorb soul power by biting a little skin; after its body is damaged, it can grow back, just like its small beans, but it seems that it is difficult to grow in size.

    In short very well fed.

    But the question is, where to put it

    If put in flowerpot, it can still run away by itself; if in the Soul Cube, Yang Yang would be a little worried, because there are two seedlings of Soul Essence plants in his Soul Cube, what if they were eaten by Bean Sprout

    Therefore, Yang Yang did not plan to put the Bean Sprout into the Soul Cube until he could restrain it.

    Yang Yang thought for a while then looked at Roth again: “I’ll let you bite it first.”

    Roth was reluctant, but he didn’t object, just said to Bean Sprout: “Can you change your eyes and mouth to what they were before, I find it weird when you look like this.”

    Bean sprout “…”

    You an AI actually discriminates against my appearance

    Bean Sprout felt that its self-esteem was being challenged.

It turned and glared at Roth—its “head” could move in about thirty degrees angle.

    Then the two sesame eyes squinted and turned into two black horizontal lines: “vicious murderous aura”.

    Roth thought that the Bean Sprout was obediently closing its eyes, so he stretched out his head and tried to bite it.

    As a result, Roth’s head just stretched out, and he saw the dead Bean Sprout’s “arm” suddenly thrown out, and the dead branch turned into a flexible whip, catching him off guard as it hit Roth’s face.

    Roth’s body was naturally immune to pain, but Roth was frightened.

It swiftly jumped off the stool, and then jumped behind Yang Yang in seconds, trembling.

    “Master, it hit me! qaq”

    Yang Yang was holding Bean Sprout, and naturally would not miss this detail, but compared to Roth’s crying, Yang Yang was more interested in the Bean Sprout’s “arm” .

    “Do you still have this function”

    Yang Yang stretched out his hand, grabbed the dead branch that Bean Sprout had just shrunk back, and then pulled it.

    Yang Yang swore that he really didn’t use strength, he just pulled it when he heard a soft “crack”.

    The dead branch was ripped off, revealing a green core inside.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Bean Sprout: “…”

    Roth: “Master is mighty!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Shut up.

    Yang Yang looked at the dead branch in his hand, and then looked again at Bean Sprout: “e, I’ll stick it back for you”

    Bean Sprout”…”

    The whole tree body of Bean Sprout turned silent.

Originally, it’s fascial features were rather abstract, they were all green so it was really hard to see the expression on its face.

——Of course, even if you didn’t look at it, you could tell that Bean Sprout was in a bad mood right now.

    It’s just that Yang Yang didn’t expect that Bean Sprouts actually cried.

    When Yang Yang finished asking this sentence, Bean Sprout turned its head to look at its hands and his feet, and then cried out with a “ji”.

    How to describe this sound, it was a bit like the faint sound of a screaming chicken when it’s almost out of breath.

    “Jiiii——, Jiiii——, Jiiii——.”

    The tone was quite sorrowful, but its sesame eyes couldn’t squeeze out tears for a long time, and it didn’t look like it was crying, but rather like it was about to breathe its last.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Hold back, someone is so miserable, can’t laugh.

    Roth came closer after hearing the sound, and looked surprised, “So you can make a sound What are you saying Why is there only one sound It sounds like a punctured tire.”

    Yang Yang couldn’t hold back: “Pfft.”

    Bean Sprout “…”

    Leave! ! You all go away! !

    Yang Yang coughed lightly, stretched out his hand and pushed the black panther’s head aside, and apologized insincerely: “I’m sorry, I thought you can stretch yourself just now, how would I know it would be so brittle”

    Bean Sprout: “”

    You’re still doing “the one at fault reports first”

    Bean Sprout waved its two arms and the two leaves on top of its heads angrily, and kept “Ji ji ji”  from its mouth.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Although he didn’t comprehend nor could he understand, he received the anger.

    Yang Yang shook his hand and interrupted Bean Sprout’s accusations, saying, “True, I did make a mistake just now, so what about I’ll give you a place with sufficient soul power, so that you can grow back your hands and feet quickly”

    Bean Sprout immediately calmed down and looked at Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang “The premise is that you can only stay inside, and can’t eat what’s inside.

If I find out that you ate what’s inside, I’ll pull off your leaves.


    Bean Sprout: “…”

    Brutal human beings!

    But hearing this proposal, Bean Sprout was indeed very tempted — its rich soul power has almost bottomed out, and from that point would consume its own soul.

Right now, the outside world is a world of humans.

If it wanted to find soul power on its own, it would be too difficult.

    So there was no hesitation.

——Even though it know that was the case, it was still angry.

    Yang Yang “I will give you three seconds.


    Just as he counted to one, Bean Sprout responded — it waved the two leaves in a circle on the top of the head, ok.

    Yang Yang understood, and as soon as he had the thought, Bean Sprout disappeared from his hand and appeared in the Soul Cube.

    But as soon as Bean Sprout entered, a message from Soul Cube flooded into Yang Yang’s mind.

    A top-quality soul essence plant was detected, there is a soul reaction, and the soul level is weak.

It is recommended to make a master recognition contract.

    At the same time, in Yang Yang’s mind also appeared the way of making the master recognition contract.

    Just about time.

    However, Yang Yang thought about it and did not immediately make the contract, but took out Bean Sprout again.

    When the bean sprouts were just put into the Soul Cube, they were stunned.

What was this place of nothingness Then it felt that it was put into a cubic space, surrounded by whiteness, but it soon touched the soil.

    Most importantly, the soul power was mellow! It has never eaten such good soul power!

    Bean Sprout was very happy.

When it was trying to take roots, its vision suddenly blurred, and then it found that it was pinched by that human again.

    Bean Sprout: “”

    What about soul power What about the soil

    Yang Yang looked at the Bean Sprout and went straight to the point, “In that space just now, you should have felt the soul power”

    Bean Sprout’s leaves immediately formed a circle — I felt it, and I was very satisfied! So let me in!

    Yang Yang smiled, “I can let you live in it all the time, you don’t have to worry about being caught by others, and I won’t do anything to you.

All you need is to make a contract with me.”

    Bean Sprout froze for a moment, shaking its leaves with suspicion.

    Yang Yang said calmly: “It’s a contract of acknowledging the master.

After it is concluded, I will have the power to order you.”

    Bean Sprout”…”

    Yang Yang “You can also choose not to make, I just happen to be short of a pen.”

    Bean Sprout: “… …”

    To die tragically or to die, Bean Sprout choose to die — the Bean Sprout leaves circled, ok, come!

    It was very simple to make the contract of recognizing the master.

When Bean Sprout returned to the Soul Cube, there was already a stamp on its invisible soul.

    But the Bean Sprout didn’t feel anything.

Once it returned to the Soul Cube, it worked relentlessly to take roots.


    After solving the problem of placing Bean Sprout, Yang Yang turned his attention back to the store.

——In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the barbecue restaurant, Yang Yang discussed with Mu Tou, and at noon, Mu Tou and the others would make some dishes for sale and let Yang Yang try them out.

    When Yang Yang went downstairs, the dishes were ready.

It was a total of four dishes, barbecue, fried meat sticks, salad vegetables and roasted vegetables.

    Each dish had a large pot, which was very spectacular on the table.

    The four including Mu Tou were laying tableware and chopsticks, and when Yang Yang came down, Mu Tou immediately stood upright on the spot, with a particularly loud “pa!” sound.

    The three recruits next to him were startled.

Although the reason was unknown, their bodies had already stood at attention.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Yang Yang switched the roles and asked curiously: “What are you doing”

    The three recruits “…”

    They didn’t know either.

    The recruits all turned to look at the Mu Tou.

Yang Yang also looked at the Mu Tou with a kind smile.

    Mu Tou”…”

    The sixth sense let Mu Tou make the right choice — Mu Tou relaxed his body and restored his previous warm and easy-going attitude towards Yang Yang.

    “Butler Yang, come and eat, it was just done and is still hot.”

    Yang Yang smiled with satisfaction, sat down to eat, and then Yang Yang understood how the annual loss came.

    With that being said, these four dishes perfectly represented the transition from earth to hell.

    Yang Yang put down his chopsticks and asked Mu Tou: “Is this all the barbecue in your army”

    Mu Tou nodded, “It’s actually pretty good, we have seasonings.

When fighting and marching, time is racing, how could we care about such things, as long as it can be cooked.

    Yang Yang “We’re not marching now.”

    Mu Tou “Yeah, so I put in the seasoning and it’s all done.——The year before last, I was praised by the military, saying that my barbecue can truly present the style of the military and I should keep it.

    Yang Yang”… …”

    Isn’t the brain circuit of your military department not quite right

    But since this was the case, Yang Yang also shouldn’t meddle.

    Looking at it from another angle, the hell-flavored barbecue was also a feature, and it can also make his porridge taste better in comparison.

    After self-comforting himself, Yang Yang and Mu Tou made the final adjustments to the shop together.

They were busy until about 6 o’clock in the evening, when Monta and Archibald came to pick him up.

    Archibald didn’t get out of the car and Yang Yang didn’t see him until he got in the car — no wonder Monta had to let him sit in the back seat.

    Yang Yang smiled: “The Duke’s patrolling is hard work.”

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang and responded, his eyes automatically moved to Yang Yang’s belly.

    Yang Yang didn’t notice it as he was very tired.

After getting in the car, he yawned, leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes.

“I’ll sleep for a while.

Call me when we get there.”

    Not knowing who he said this to, Yang Yang didn’t wait for anyone to respond.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep in less than ten seconds.

    Archibald sat next to him for a while, and then his eyes began to drift towards Yang Yang again—if he touched his belly now, would Yang Yang notice

    Just when he was thinking about it, Monta had already lifted the car into the air, and the turbulence in the lift-off made Yang Yang’s body sway and lean towards the door.

    Seeing that Yang Yang’s body was about to hit the car window, Archibald’s tail suddenly stretched out from the front, stabilizing Yang Yang’s body, and then carefully pulled Yang Yang back.


    Yang Yang opened his eyes in confusion, reached his hand forward and put it on Archibald’s tail.

    Archibald “!!!”

    But Yang Yang didn’t seem to be awake, he patted Archibald’s tail suspiciously, and then seemed to recognize it.

But he didn’t let go, embracing Archibald’s tail in his arms instead, then he let out a “heehee” laugh and went to sleep.

    Archibald “…”

    Although he didn’t know what the man was laughing at, but it had the feeling of someone behaving like a hooligan.


Author in the notes just said Bean Sprout isn’t ugly.

Comments disagreed!


Bean Sprout in pinyin is much cuter, it’s spelled like “Douya”


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