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I stare at my uniform.


Blazer and skirt.

And a blouse.


The order is to hide an eraser in the uniform, but no matter how many times I look at it, the only place I can hide an eraser is in my pocket.

Its not impossible to hide it in a sock, but Im sure she will find out soon enough.  In necktie would impossible, and there is no tape to attach it to the back of the collar.

Even if there were, it would be too obvious.


Theres a limited space of hiding this.


Even Miyagi knows that, so this game is one that I am bound to lose.

I think she wants to see my reaction by touching my body while pretending to look for an eraser, or something like that.

It is not called a game to begin with, nor is it said that there is a penalty for losing, though.


Im just going to hide it properly and fudge Miyagi.

I put a used eraser in the right pocket of my blazer.

It is easy to hide it in any pocket, so hide it in a place where it is easy to retrieve.


「I hid it.

You can turn around.」


When I called Miyagi, she quietly turned around and stared at me.


The pockets are slightly bulging, so its not like you cant find your eraser stash.

In fact, Miyagis gaze stopped for a moment around my right pocket.

She silently approached me and began to check my body over my blazer like some inspector does on TV.


I knew it.

This is what she thought.


Miyagi mechanically touches my shoulders and back.

Not to say that I am uncomfortable, but I am not open-minded enough to say that I find it amusing to have my body touched by sticky hands.

But its over the blazer, so it doesnt bother me that much.


Miyagis hand unnaturally avoids the pocket and touches my skirt.

She strokes the hip bone area and taps my thighs to find the eraser.

But theres no way its there, so her hand finally finds its way to my skirt pocket.


After softly patting the top of the pocket, Miyagi turns behind me.

I tried to turn around to see what he was doing, but Miyagis hand was in my pocket before I could.


Is it because its hard to get at it from the front


When I was convinced that this was the case, I felt a rustling of hands and involuntarily grabbed Miyagis arm.


「Hand, dont move them.」


The fabric that makes up the pockets is thin compared to the fabric of the skirt.

The hand that carefully checked me, even though I knew the eraser was not there, felt weird, like she was directly touching my leg.


「You cant tell unless you move it.」

「You usually know the moment you put it in.」

「Im not grasping it.」


An unheard-of Miyagi tries to move her hand and I force it out of my pocket.


I knew this would happen.

Maybe it was payback.


She is getting back at me for teasing her by calling her names below and licking her fingers.

I dont know what she will do to me now, but it certainly wont be pleasant for me.


「Can we stop now」



Miyagi then stood in front of me and unbuttoned my blazer.


Its expected that she wont stop, and its expected that shell unbutton my blazers.

Still, my body stiffens reflexively.


Miyagi opens the front of my blazer wide and looks at my blouse, which she must know is missing an eraser.

Her gaze moves from top to bottom.

Her right hand reaches out and touches my side.


I pushed Miyagis arm as she stroked me in a probing manner.


It tickled.


The blouse is such thin fabric, although I can stand it over a blazer.

Every time her hand moves, it creeps up on me, and its in a place I dont like to be touched.

But instead of stopping his hand, Miyagi presses down hard on it.


I was pinched on the side like a piece of bread, and my body jerked.

I noticed that her left hand was also stroking a little above the hip bone.


「Are you weak there, your flanks」


Miyagi says in an obviously amused tone.


「Its not that Im weak, it was just ticklish.」

「That means youre weak over there.」


Miyagis fingertips slowly stroke up the side.

My blouse rubs against her blouse and I cringes.

Her fingertips went to my back, fingernails clawing at my blouse as if writing letters.


I grab Miyagis arm.

The way I touch her is different from before.


Her facial expression was the same as usual, but the way she touched me was not the way a friend touches another.

There is a different sensation from that of Umina and the others who are jostling and touching me.


I dont care if its the emotionless touch I had earlier.

It seems like its just a game.

But I think this is a bad idea.


「Stop tickling me.」


I put strength into the hand that grabs her arm.


「Okay, Ill find it somewhere else.

Let go of me.」

「I can let you go, but if you do the same, Ill slap you.」

「I thought violence was against the rules」


Miyagi says quietly.

I know that without being told, and I dont want to slap someone else.


「Definitely look somewhere else.」


After reminding her, I took my hand away, but Miyagi did not do the same.

Instead, her free hand slipped into the breast pocket of my blouse.


I remember what was done to me in my skirt pocket.


「You do realize its not there, right」


Kicking Miyagis leg, I protest.

I dont want to be touched by a blouse, an unreliable piece of cloth.


「Sendai-san, its against the rules.

And, if I dont check, Ill never know if youre really hiding it.」

「Its irritating.」


Miyagis voice sounds like shes having fun, which really pisses me off.


「Its okay.

Now that I know its not there, Ill look elsewhere.」


I dont know whats okay, but her hand goes out of my breast pocket.


「Just get it over with.

The answer, its obvious.」


Im done with these games.

I knew it, but there is no good in continuing.


「Hang out with me a little longer.」

「Theres more」

「Take off your necktie.」



Unconsciously uttered words are swept away and the tie was removed by Miyagi.

Then her hand touched my neck without hesitation.


The palms of her hands tightly adhere to the skin without any gaps.


Miyagis hands are burning hot.

Perhaps I am having a fever myself, but I am not sure.

The boundary between myself and Miyagi seems to have blurred, but that may be because that is where her lips touched me.




I call Miyagi by the name she told me not to and put my own hand on hers.


「Dont, call me like that.」


Miyagi slid off the hand that was almost adhered to my neck, wrinkled her brow, and glared at me angrily.


Her bitter face lightens my feelings, which had begun to grow heavy.

Miyagi should be in a bit of trouble.


「Shall I call you like that again」


The wrinkles between Miyagis eyebrows deepen as she asks softly.

I dont know why, but it seems that for her it is unpleasant to hear me call her name.


「Shut up.」


Miyagi grumbles and puts her hand on the button of my blouse.


「What are you doing」


Theres no reply.

Silently, Miyagi unbuttons my blouse.

The top two are removed from the beginning.

So the button that was removed was the third, and I pushed Miyagis shoulder trying to remove the fourth.




「Hands off.

You dont have to take them off.」


I rip off Miyagis hand and fasten the unbuttoned button.


Im sure she didnt really mean to undress me.

I think the game had become a contest of endurance along the way, just a contest to see who would uproot first.

I am sure we both understand the line that must not be crossed.


「I just wondered if you were hiding from one of these.」

「Theres no way Im hiding it, and its against the rules for this kind of thing.」

「The rules say no sex, but it doesnt say you cant take your clothes off, dont you think」

「Then add it to the rules now.」

「It was a joke.

I wouldnt undress you.」


I know.

I understand that youre just joking.


She said this was just an extension of wordplay and she was just waiting for me to ask her to stop.


Still, I think these jokes are bad.


「You know where Im hiding it.」


I stepped on Miyagis foot and touched the right pocket of my blazer.




Thats it for this game.」


Before she can say were going to do it again, I tell her the game is set, and I put my tie back on.


「Miyagi, the lecherous」


I throw one complaint and then sit on the bed.


「And thats the end of your orders」

「Thats it.」


Miyagi said boringly and drank the cider.

The empty glass is placed on the table and Miyagi sits on the floor with the bed as a backdrop.


I cant see her face.

I dont even know what she is thinking.

Miyagis uniform touches my feet.


I tapped her shoulder, her blazer tickling.


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