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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son – Chapter 6 (1/3)

Seeing Xie Zichen walking away, Wei Lan retracted his gaze and landed on Xie Jie.

She still remembred what she had to do for Xie Zichen.

Xie Jie had been secretly observing WeiLan for a long time.

Seeing Wei Lan’s undisguised infatuation with Xie Zichen, he couldn’t help but be a little cautious.


“What does Shi Zi think of my brother’s appearance” he asked, looking at the beautiful man in front of him.


“Absolutely peerless.” Wei Lan raised his eyes and looked at Xie Jie in front of him.

He is also quite handsome, but compared with Xie Zichen, his aura is much murkier and unappealing.


Wei Lan has always been more tolerant of men, but there are differences in preferences.

For someone like Xie Jie, maintaining basic demeanor and etiquette is the limit.


If other people had asked, Wei Lan might not have exaggerated Xie Zichen, but in contrast to Xie Jie, Xie Zichen’s goodness was inevitably exaggerated.


“The last time the younger brother fought with Young Master Xie Bing, it was the fourth time Young Master Xie came to visit the younger brother.” Wei Lan didn’t say much, but instead asked: “Xie, the Sixth Young Master, seems to be curious about me and the Fourth Young Master.”


“I get along well with the Fourth Brother.

Fourth Brother doesn’t have many friends, so when I saw Wei Shizi being so enthusiastic, I assumed Shizi was a close friend of Fourth Brother’s, so I was intrigued.


Wei Lan knew he was testing her position, so he lowered his eyes and smiled.

“The Fourth Prince is a rare beauty in the world, and Lan is very happy with beauty,” Wei Lan said as he lowered his eyes and smiled.


Then I’m not sure if the prince’s joy for the beauty stems from his desire to get this beauty or from his desire to help this beauty.


Wei Lan was slightly stunned because she had never expected the other party to ask such a direct question.

After a moment, she asked Xie Jie, “If the Sixth Prince Xie likes a woman, does he want to hide her and give her what she wants, or does he want her to rise above the clouds and become someone beyond your reach”


Xie Jie smiled, and a chess piece fell on the chessboard, blocking a large piece of Wei Lan’s chess.

Xie Jie looked at the chessboard and said, “If Shizi Wei doesn’t mind, I’ll raise the piece.”


“Please.” Wei Lan stated openly, “Sixth, Young Master Xie is the first son of the Xie family’s third house; his future is limitless; today, I have the honor to lose under Master Xie; Lan is very fortunate.

How about a drink “


“If Brother Wei intends to drink freely, how could Jie refuse” Xie Jie laughed loudly, motioning for someone to bring the wine up and referring to Wei Lan as his brother, and indicated that he would not return until he was drunk.


After a while of drinking, Wang Xi organized a game of throwing pots and poems to form a group.

Like a good brother, Xie Jie drew Wei Lan into a group.

Wang Xi couldn’t help but be irritated and said to Xie Jie: “You are not honest, Xie Xie Jie is the 6th young master in Xie House)).

I clearly invited Brother Wei, but you and he have become good brothers.


“Wang Qi, don’t be too sad,” Intoxicated Xie Jie patted Wang Xi on the chest and said, “Everyone in this room is one of your good brothers! You let me have it, Brother Wei! “


The crowd laughed out loud.

Wang Ning opened his fan and whispered to Xie Zichen, “I bet you that Xie Jie must have another purpose.”


“Nonsense.” Xie Zichen’s eyes filled with disdain.

Wang Ning shrugged and sighed: “Zichen, if there is any difficulty, remember to tell your brother.”


They are all Shu sons.

How can they help


Without uttering the cruel remarks, Xie Zichen calmly reflected on the chaotic life Wang Ning had had at the time, similar to his own, and how he had delayed beginning his career until he was 23 years old.


Chu State’s commoners enter politics and adopt the nine-rank Zhongzheng system (The jiu pin Zhong Zheng Zhi “system of the rectification of the nine ranks,” also known as the jiu pin guanren fa “method of the classification of officials into nine ranks”), which was a method of ranking offices (and the salaries of the officeholders) according to the importance of the post, combined with a method of appointment in which candidates were

Source)), and are promoted by Zhongzheng officials [1].


On the other hand, the children of noble families are required to enter the Imperial College, where they will be evaluated year by year, and after the evaluation is completed, they will be recommended by their family members to serve.

It’s just that the number of places to enter Imperial College is limited for each family every year, so the first son is usually given priority, and then the concubine sons are arranged according to the status of their concubines.


Wang Ning’s mother has low social standing.

His age just caught up with this wave of study companions, but the Wang family has many children.

The Xie family has just two sons of suitable age, whereas the Wang family, Shu sons included, adds up to seven.


Wang Ning did not want to enter the palace as a study companion but became a knife in the hands of his own brother.

He was falsely accused of framing another Shu brother.

For this reason, the Wang Family Patriarch drove him out of the house in the name of travel.


All this traveling took several years.

When he finally returned and joined the Imperial College, he was already three full years behind the other noble sons.


Xie Zichen only lived for a little over thirty years, which is only a tenth of a lifetime.

Thinking about his friend’s fate, Xie Zichen couldn’t help but sigh and tell Wang Ning, “You should be more cautious in the future.”

Because the companion’s decree is still in the palace, it is assumed that only a few direct sons are aware of the news.

This Shu son, Wang Ning, is undoubtedly unaware.

Wang Ning looked at him suspiciously but saw that he didn’t speak further.

He knew this guy had deep thoughts, so he refrained from probing any further.



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